Tuna Pate Recipe - a memory indulgence

Tuna Pate Recipe – a memory indulgence!

This tuna pate recipe is a favourite for giving me flashbacks to crystal clear water, sunshine and terracotta-coloured roofs!

We all know that our senses are strongly linked to our memory – we have all had that moment when walking through a shopping centre and a whiff of someone’s cologne gives you an instant flashback to that pubescent ex-boyfriend and sausage sizzles make me think of Saturday mornings following Dad around Bunnings. 

Occasionally though, there is a moment we want to remember, relive in whatever small way possible!

This tuna pate recipe is a way to bring back crystal clear water, balmy nights and the delicious tastes of Croatia. In particular, this recipe is linked to one specific night. I had been island hopping for a week or so (this post shows how easy it is to do on a budget) and had arrived on the island of Korcula. I fell in love with the small walled city almost instantly.

Tuna Pate Recipe - a memory indulgence

I spent a day eating delicious food, then climbing over the wall for a swim. I climbed the bell tower and explored local art galleries, all the while marvelling at the beautiful scenery that surrounded me. At the end of the day, I was once again starving (which was quite shocking considering my food consumption). To end a perfect day, I decided to treat myself to a nicer meal. As a backpacker, I think it is important to occasionally give yourself a little reward so that you don’t have a financial blowout. 

I found a stunning restaurant out against the water, with crisp white table cloths. Promptly, I plonked myself down and began perusing the menu. I quickly placed my order… though to this day I can not remember what I had. As I waited, enjoying the warm evening air, a small aperitif arrived, complimentary. I love anything complimentary!

It was a few pieces of crusty bread with tuna pate on top.  Each bite was sublime, and to be honest I wished I had more and not whatever it was that I had ordered for main. It was a taste that wholly described the moment I was in and the place I was sitting. It felt fresh yet heavy, salty yet sweet. It was perfect. 

Tuna Pate Recipe - a memory indulgence

At the end of the meal, I thanked my waiter and asked sneakily what the recipe was for the aperitif. Naturally, he gwafed at me. Who on earth wants the recipe for the aperitif?? He called out the chef, who was in fact delighted that I had asked. He didn’t speak much English, and I spoke no Croatian, but with the help of the waiter, I was able to grasp the basics of how he put it together. This recipe is based off that moment. Though sadly, I didn’t take any notes at the time so it isn’t like his. However, I have practised it a lot and found that even though it may not be the amazing taste from my memory, it is pretty close. 

If you are thinking of going to Croatia and doing the same thing (which I highly recommend) don’t be afraid to eat out alone, it can be one of the best experiences of your trip. 

I use this recipe when I want to have a light meal or a snack. Often times I will save the pate for a few days and have it on my morning toast or on a sandwich. If I am ever entertaining, this is always a crowd favourite, it is gobbled up in moments. 

Tuna Pate Recipe
  • 400g tin of tuna in the brine or oil – $5.25
  • A handful of roughly chopped parsley – $2.98
  • Spring onions – $1.90
  • 2-4 Clove’s of garlic (how much kissing you are planning?) – $1.50
  • 300g cottage cheese – $2.75
  • Salt and pepper
  • A squeeze of half a lemon – $0.60
  • Celery sticks ($2.95) or Crackers ($1.79) to serve
  • Simply put all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz whizz! (however, if you have a little food processor like me, you can put all the ingredients into a big bowl and mix them together and then whizz whizz them in batches)
  • I like to let it sit on the fridge for half an hour or so, it’s often even better the next day so you can make it ahead of time if you know you are entertaining.
  • Serve with crusty bread, crackers or celery sticks.
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • food processor – not often found at hostels, but good for Airbnb or staying at friends places!

$17.95 in Australian Dollars and shopping at Woolworths

Tuna Pate Recipe - a memory indulgence!


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    1. Author

      I warn you it is very Moorish… I like to eat it with a baguette… but then I explode so I suggest carrot sticks and celery sticks 🙂

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