$5 Feast – Duck & Pork Rice in Hong Kong

Hong Kong cuisine can be super expensive or fantastically cheap. At both ends of the spectrum, you will find delicious and amazing food that will completely blow your mind. To learn more about the possible options, I suggest doing a food walking tour. Or you could do a cooking class. Sometimes the best way to discover a place is to walk around. Which is how I found this amazing $5 feast in Hong Kong. 

I landed in Hong Kong, early in the morning and was looking for a “traditional” Hong Kong style breakfast. I headed out of my hotel which was in the dried seafood district (Sai Yung Pun). Over the next few hours, I walked up and down hills. Through alleyways and tunnels. I rode escalators in the street and jumped out of the way of trams. I was falling in love with a city that was full of colour and sounds. But, I was still hungry. Every place I had seen, looked good, and yet I hadn’t gone in anywhere. I was suffering from a classic case of “grass is greener”. Always looking ahead to see if there was somewhere “better”. In reality, everywhere is good and I am sure that the first place I saw would have been amazing. Which is exactly what I discovered.

After several hours of hunger, I now had a serious case of the hangries (if you aren’t familiar with this concept – consider a four-year-old who hasn’t had lunch… you get the picture).  Somehow, I had ended up back at my hotel. Standing on the street corner feeling weak, annoyed and confused, I decided to walk into the closest place that was serving duck. 

$5 Feast – Hong Kong: 鳴人燒臘飯店 (translated to Naruto Roast Meat Hotel)

How to describe this place without using standard foodie adjectives? I think the best word for it would be honest. Everything about this place is to serve the purpose of feeding people in the best possible way as quick as possible. To that end, the food is delicious and easy to eat. The flavours are full and mouthwatering. The service is friendly and to the point. You go in, you eat, you leave. It’s perfect! 

There are many places like this around Hong Kong, some even have a Michelin star or recommendation. This one is my favourite as it was there for me when everything seemed bleak through my haze of hunger. Whats more, when I went back a couple of days later to get some takeaway, there was no disappointment. It was just as good as when I had gobbled it down the first time.

So what to have at this $5 feast in Hong Kong?

Definitely the duck. It’s hanging in the window and it is AMAZING. The speciality of Hong Kong is Lo Soi Goose, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you could try that. I prefer to do a mix of duck and crispy BBQ pork with noodles or rice.

Before your meat comes out you will be served with a bowl of the soup of the day, it is basically a bone stock broth. This is one of my favourite parts of the meal, its cleansing and salty. Your meal is also traditionally served with tea. The meat and rice are served with a green sauce/garnish that is made up of shallots, garlic and other magical things that I don’t know the name of. This sauce/garnish is what transforms the whole meal from meat and rice to epic. 

Cost of BBQ meat and rice with a soft drink at 鳴人燒臘飯店

Approx 30HKD or $5 AUD – and please note that was for two selections of meat and with a soft drink. If you have one meat choice and drink the tea that is provided then it is cheaper. 

How to find 鳴人燒臘飯店

Adress: Shop 3, G/F, Po Fung Building, 5 Centre Street

I can’t seem to find a website for them – and I imagine that they don’t need one as most of their customers are locals who go there every day and know exactly where it is. 

Do you have a fantastic $5 feast recommendation? Send them through or email me at thelitebackpacker@gmail.com. I offer guest post opportunities for my $5 feast series – plus I want to know where all the best places to eat are. 

$5 Feast - Duck & Pork Rice in Hong Kong


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