Lotus Hostel, Singapore – Review

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The Details
  • Where: Lotus Hostel, Outram Park, Singapore
  • How Long: 2 nights
  • Number of persons: 2 – a couple
  • Cost: Mixed Dorm $32 SGD per night, Double room $88 SGD per night
  • Link: www.bpkers.com
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This hostel is located in a quiet area of Singapore, near hospitals and schools.  It isn’t in one of the major tourist areas.  The MRT is about a 20 minute walk or a 3 minute bus ride away. However, there are some great shops and a hawker market right near this hostel so it doesn’t really feel isolated. If you don’t mind catching public transport to all of the tourist destinations this is a great quiet hostel


Room Size: Good, very spacious. Though there wasn’t any specific places to store bags so they were on the floor taking up space. Maybe a bench or open cupboard to store things would greatly improve the way the space is used.

Comfort: Very comfortable and very quiet. The air conditioning is only run when you are in the room so it takes a few minutes to cool down, however that means that there is still moisture in the air and you don’t feel like a dried up prune which some air-conditioned hostels can do to you.

Cleanliness: Extremely clean!

Noise: None, this is a very quiet hostel. If you are looking to party on into the night, this probably isn’t the hostel for you.

Security: There are locks on the doors… I didn’t see any lockers but there may have been some in another area. The family who run the place are always around and are very careful to watch the place so that makes it feel secure, however, I would still suggest taking the usual precautions.

Lotus Hostel Review - Singapore


Size/amount: 2 bathrooms upstairs and more down stairs. There was never a queue for the bathroom so that would indicate that there were enough. They were very clean, and filled with hilarious signs about not peeing in the shower… 

Water pressure/temperature: Water pressure was fine, the temperature took a bit to control as it is on an electric heater and was either boiling hot or freezing cold. But when you got it, it was fine.

Useability: As the room is enclosed, it becomes quiet stuffy and humid after your shower which makes getting dry and dressed rather hard. A fan in the room would greatly improve things… or just run back to your room in a towel to get changed.

Cleanliness: Very clean!


I didn’t get a chance to cook in this hostel, though there was a microwave and the usual utensils and it was very very very clean! 


Amazing! The couple who run this place are very attentive and helpful. They are always there to answer any questions and are great at giving directions. They also made us eggs first thing in the morning which we ate on the balcony. It felt like they were inviting us into their home and were taking care of us.

  • Internet: Fast and reliable, had no connection problems
  • Tour Desk: The couple who owned the place could give you directions to everywhere but there was no tour booking facilities 
  • Breakfast: Included, toast and eggs!

Lotus Hostel Review - Singapore


I loved the couple who ran the place, they really made me feel at home and super comfortable. I also loved the hawker market just round the corner as it was a great place to grab some food at a cheap and delicious price. The only reason I wouldn’t stay there again for a short trip was the location, it was a long walk to the MRT and I like being able to walk from my hostel to some bars and restaurants if I want. The atmosphere was chilled and quiet so if I was going to be in Singapore for a week or more than I would stay there again because it is like a calm oasis amongst the chaos. 


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