Palau Ubin – Off the Beaten Track in Singapore

Palau Ubin is Singapore’s “off the beaten track” location, spend a day on this picturesque island and you may forget that you are in the middle of a city-state. Surrounded by palm trees and lily ponds, beaches and forests – it’s an oasis in the middle of a concrete world.

Why? It is a different day out – away from the heart of the city and crowds.

How long? So that you don’t feel rushed I recommend allocating a whole day to enjoy Palau Ubin, however you could do it in an afternoon if you cycled fast!

How to get there? It takes just over an hour to get there, but it’s very easy.  Catch a train and then a bus to Changi Ferry Terminal then catch a bum boat (which is basically a pick up truck that floats) to Palau Ubin. Total cost return: approx $6 (depending on peak train fares)

Palau Ubin - things to do 1

What to do on Palau Ubin? Palau Ubin is a beautiful island that doesn’t have too many hills and pretty much no traffic.  So naturally the best way to see the island is by bicycle. When you get off the bum boat there are loads of bike rental stores that line the street.  Grab one that you like the look of (and that works) bargain for a suitable price and then ride away.

The island is very well sign posted and at every attraction there is a map of the island which makes getting around very easy.  You can just spend your day riding around the whole island, or you can leave your bike next to a tree and go on a hike.  

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If bike riding isn’t your thing you can also hire kayaks to paddle along the many water ways that cross through the island.

On one side of the island you can walk out on a jetty and watch the big jumbo jets land at Changi Airport – quite a sight watching the giant metal birds float effortlessly into land.

Whats for lunch? Back at the village where you hired your bike from there are a few restaurants that serve lunch and beer.  The menus are extensive, I would suggest getting the seafood options, as in the tanks next to your table are the stock which will be served at your table. It’s hard to find such affordable and fresh seafood anywhere else in the world.  And after all of that cycling you deserve a nice cold beer!

Palau Ubin - things to do

Things to note?

  • Pack water – lots of water, in the heat and the humidity it’s very easy to get heat stroke if you do not stay hydrated. 
  • Check your bike works properly before you hire it
  • Order the prawns/shrimp when you stop for lunch – they are basically hopping out of their tank onto your plate.

So when you get tired of battling the crowds in the Gardens by the Bay or jostling for attention at one of the hawker markets – plan a day trip to Palau Ubin!

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