Andrea's Attic AirBnB Appartment, San Sebastian, Spain - Review

Andrea’s Attic AirBnB Apartment, San Sebastian, Spain – Review

If you are heading to San Sebastian in Spain then I know just the place to stay! Check out Andrea’s attic AirBnB apartment on AirBnB – a place full of light and character right in next to the heart of the beautiful old town. It’s Andrea’s attention to detail with the little things that made my stay in her apartment so enjoyable – things like, plenty of towels, pastries on the counter, a fruit platter, chocolate and milk in the fridge and toiletries in the bathroom. When a host goes above and beyond to do those little things it makes me feel both at home and special, like an honoured guest. I also loved the skylights in the sloping roof that opened up, especially the ones above the bed, I could then lie there reading my book and having a siesta with blue sky rippling above me, amazing. This is by far one of my most memorable and favourite places to stay in Europe… and if you are heading to San Sebastian in Spain on a backpackers budget and can get a few friends together – then this place is perfect for you.

Andrea's Attic AirBnB Appartment, San Sebastian, Spain - Review

The Details
  • Where: San Sebastian, Spain
  • How Long: 3 Nights
  • Number of persons: Can sleep up to 4 adults comfortably
  • Cost: Total – $515 AUD OR $42 AUD per person per night (much less than hostels in the area)
  • Link:
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Right in the heart of San Sebastian, this great apartment is a short walk to the beach, old quarter with tapas bars and the train station. I found the location to be one of the best things about this apartment as it was to walk everywhere and there was a little grocery store just on the corner


Room Size: The master bed room was huge. The only negative about the space was that it is a roof top apartment so has sloping ceilings. If you are a rather tall person this can get awkward. However, it wasn’t that much of an issue and there was built in skylights that opened right up which gave a great feeling of space

Comfort: This apartment was nothing but comfortable. Both of the beds were comfy with nice warm bedding. The couch was also large and comfy and I particularly liked the hammock that was hanging in the middle of the room – great place for me to sit and blog from.

Andrea's Attic AirBnB Appartment, San Sebastian, Spain - Review

Cleanliness: This is a very well maintained apartment, there was no dust or dirt, every surface was spotless

Noise: Thanks to the great location being a little bit outside of the noisy touristy centre this apartment is relatively quiet. It is also on the top floor which is an added bonus escaping from the street noise.

Security: As the apartment is on the top floor of a secure building I felt very secure here. You need a key to get in the main building door and then the apartment. Also the owners parents live downstairs so I imagine they keep an eye on things as well which makes it feel even safer.


Size/amount: Two HUGE bathrooms… though the sloping ceiling did make the master bathroom a little awkward. The showers were huge and well stocked with shelves and shampoos and things.

Water pressure/temperature: Warm and lots of pressure. These are some of my favourite showers of all time.

Useability: Lots of shelves and because the shower was fully enclosed and the room was large there were lots of places to put your clothes and towel so that they didn’t get wet.

Cleanliness: Like the rest of the apartment the bathrooms were very clean and tidy, no clutter, no grime, no mould

Andrea's Attic AirBnB Appartment, San Sebastian, Spain - Review


Equipment:  A very well stocked kitchen, had all of the normal essentials as well as a great assortment of olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and dried herbs. Made cooking there that much more fun and gave me the freedom to create my Basque Chorizo Stew served with crusty bread from the grocery store around the corner

Size: The kitchen was a good size for the apartment with one of the work benches doubling up as a dinner bar as well.

Cleanliness: Can’t rave enough about the cleanliness of this place


Andrea was one of the best AirBnB hosts I have ever had. From the very beginning she was helpful and informative. She helped me with train times, restaurant recommendations and activities. She wrote in Spanish and I wrote in English but thanks to google translate it was easy to communicate.


Internet: Was fast and reliable, never had any problems and we could get it all over the apartment

Tour Desk: Andrea left a very detailed book with maps and suggestions in it.

Breakfast: Being an AirBnB this was included, however the great thing about Andrea was her attention to detail with the small things – she had left us pastries and croissants to enjoy. As well as stocking the fridge with some drinks, milk and a sneaky bar of chocolate. She won me over with that one very small gesture.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and not exchanged for goods, services or money unless stated otherwise

Andrea's Attic AirBnB Appartment, San Sebastian, Spain - Review

Selfie of the view out of one of the roof top skylights that opened

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