On this page you can find all of my reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly!

I have stayed in some places that looked like a WWII bomb shelter but have had the best staff. I have eaten at fancy restaurants and gotten food poisoning. I have gone on treks and seen nothing and sat on beaches surrounded by kangaroos. 

Anything can happen if you keep an open mind when you are experiencing a new place or activity. Its not always an easy thing to do – when I headed off to a Thailand full moon party I had a pre-conceived notion of it being full of trashy post-teens… it was… but it was also a lot of fun, and I met some great people who inspired me to stay dancing until the sun rose.  

What I have learnt from this and many other experiences is that there are many factors to make something great, and likewise a lot of things have to fail to make something bad.  When I review a place or activity I try and look at the whole picture, take all of this into account – to make my reviews as honest as possible.

As well as accommodation and activities – I review all of the cooking classes that I am able to do.  These aren’t always on a “backpackers budget” but they are something I love doing, so that is where I spent my pennies.  Just like others may prefer to hit the clubs or a fancy restaurant or go shopping – cooking classes are my thing!

I have also divided out the meals that can be purchased for $5 and under. That way you can get an idea of some of the amazing dishes that you can purchase for less than a beer at home. 

Accommodation / Activities / Cooking Classes / Eating Out / $5 Feast

Han Tang Inn Hostel, Xi’An, China – Review

I was a little nervous about arriving in mainland China for the first time. Everyone had mentioned to me that if you didn’t speak the language it would be very hard getting people to understand you. This is a situation I have run across many times in my travels, but …

$5 Feast – Duck & Pork Rice in Hong Kong

Hong Kong cuisine can be super expensive or fantastically cheap. At both ends of the spectrum, you will find delicious and amazing food that will completely blow your mind. To learn more about the possible options, I suggest doing a food walking tour. Or you could do a cooking class. …

3 Easy Day Trips From Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong. I love the noise, the vibrancy, the buzz of people, the colour and the wafts of delicious smelling food. (To find out more about the local cuisine, try a food walking tour) It is a city that is constantly on the move and is always changing. …

Hong Kong Island Food Tour – Review

I love sampling new food when I travel, and what better way to experience a new city than doing a walking food tour. A city like Hong Kong has so many different cuisines to sample that unless you know where to go, you will miss something. Normally when I travel …

Star Mabul Lodge, Borneo – Accommodation Review

Booking into Star Mabul Lodge on the island of Mabul off the coast of Sabah, Borneo was one of the worst decisions travel decisions I have made. This is a negative review, but I am aware that there were some great things about the place such as the staff and …

Why You Should Visit Turtle Island in Borneo

Borneo’s turtle island is a once in a lifetime experience. A chance to get up close and personal with some of this planets ancient creatures, in a sustainable and environmentally supportive way. Who doesn’t love turtles? Not loving turtles is like not loving puppies or kittens. They are amazing creatures …