Creating amazing recipes while travelling is not as hard as you think. Whats more the right recipe can be healthy AND cheap.

Say goodbye to two-minute-noodles, $2 pizza slices and 7Eleven sandwiches. Creating healthy recipes while staying in hostels/campsites/AirBnB can be easy and fun. All of the recipes on this blog are designed to take into account the lack of utensils, limited spices and other issues you may have when cooking in unknown kitchens. Sometimes we have to get a little creative, but there are plenty of tricks and hacks to help you create the perfect recipe for your budget.

After all, it’s better for your waistline offers you great sightseeing opportunities as you wander through fresh food markets and can be a great way to make friends in your hostel!

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Group Eats / Solo Bites 

Things to note:

  • With all recipes, I have tried to take into account the limited utensils and supplies that you will find when on the road – as I don’t imagine you will have easy access to julienne peelers or a spice rack – and so are generally simple or very creative.
  • These recipes are healthy – however, they are not paleo or restricted to any other diet rules, this is not about weight loss but about enjoying good healthy, local cheap food!
  • All prices and costs are in the local currency unless otherwise stated