3 Free Cultural Things to do in London when it Rains

London is a city that is constantly plagued by the big black cloud. Sometimes the cloud brings a downpour that has you running for cover, other times it’s a constant yet irritating drizzle that follows you around for hours, and then of course there is everything in between.

Finding things to do in London should be fairly easy compared to Sydney which is a city all about the outdoors (check out 3 Free things to do in Sydney when its raining if you are curious), but where it’s gets hard in London is finding things to do on a budget.

I am a firm believer that the reason you can’t walk more than 1 block in England without running into a pub is to give people cover when it is raining. Pubs can be expensive, and are encouraging me to develop a beer gut. My mission is to find something to do that is cheap and dry.

Here are my top pics for London:

1. The Natural History Museum 

If you go just for the building you won’t be disappointed. It’s a grandiose place with arched ceilings and marble stair cases that allows the imagination to believe it’s in Hogwarts. Then there are the exhibits themselves! Space rocks from Mars, dinosaur skeletons, a giant blue whale and more plants than you can point a stick at. What I really blew my mind was learning about the men and women who centuries past made the discoveries, which now determine the way we look at the world. The best part is that it is free… though after you have had your mind blown and are in awe of such an amazing place consider giving a donation so that the work and discoveries can continue.

Things to do in London 3

2. The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square

Centuries of art appreciation gives this Gallery more punch than most around the world. Walking from gallery to gallery you are accosted by colours from Van Gough, Seurat, Van Dyk, Rubens, Monet and Manet. My head swiveled from side to side taking in the master pieces that I had only ever glimpsed in books. Seeing history and art dance on the walls is a breath-taking and humbling experience. I have been to many amazing art galleries around the world but this one is still my favourite. Maybe it’s because it’s a warm and bright place to sit and contemplate while it rains cats and dogs out side.

Things to do in London

3. People Watch at Harrods

Harrods is the epitome of where all English people want to be. Its audacious marble entrance and lavish draping give the building a palace like feel. The wares in it cost small fortunes and everything seems to sparkle. Like bees to a flower, people flock to this majestic shopping mall every day. Wander around and observe the crowds, those that come from money and shop there all the time against those who are coming for a special treat. Watch the way the shop assistants treat everyone as though they are a king or queen with no backwards glance. Watch how everyone feel special and amazing… until they see the price tag. You can learn more about the English culture by walking through those vast halls than most of the museums can show you in a week. The trick to this activity is to leave your purse at home. Don’t bring it. Don’t bring a single cent. That way it stays free and cheap.

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