Improvised Festive Avocado Salsa with Tostada’s

Sometimes you just want to stay in your hostel, eat dinner, chill out and go to bed by 9pm. However, if your hostel doesn’t have a kitchen this isn’t always possible. You end up going out for dinner often with new hostel friends, your quiet night can quickly turn into a loud one. Sometimes you can quickly run to a street stall and grab a quick and cheap bite to eat – but you can’t do that it your track pants, and it usually involves shoes – the opposite of a comfortable cosy meal.

Two nights ago me and my new hostel friend were very much in need of a night in, stuck in a place without a kitchen we quickly improvised and came up with this quick and satisfying meal that you can whip together with no plate needed. The only thing that you need is a knife of some description. I always travel with a Swiss Army knife for occasions just like these, one of the best presents I have ever received. 

Festive Avocado Salsa Cups

What’s more this delicious Avocado Salsa looked decidedly festive – especially sitting next to our hostels christmas tree. This may not be the best festive dish for those of you in the northern hemisphere… but I know a few southern hemisphere people who would appreciate this, especially if you add in some prawns!

This meal is great for a snack for many people or a simple quick dinner or lunch for one or two people – eat as much as you like!

Some tips:

  • I used a plastic bag to cut the tomatoes on. 
  • Slicing up some cucumber is a great way to break up the tostada’s – it dips well.
  • If you can’t find tostada’s grab some unflavoured corn chips instead.
  • Use the avocado skin as your bowl – it looks trendy and saves needing a plate.
Festive Avocado Salsa with Tostada's
  1. 2 large avocado's - must be ripe
  2. 2 tomatoes
  3. 2 limes
  4. Tostada's or corn chips
  5. Pinch of salt
  6. (Chilli is also a great thing to add if you feel like a bit of spice)
  1. Half your avocado's and remove the stones
  2. Thinly cross hatch the avocado and then run the knife around the edge to separated the meat from the shell
  3. Chop your tomato as finely as possible
  4. Divide your tomato into each of the avocado halves
  5. Mix together with the juice of half a lime for each half an avocado and salt
  6. Either dip your corn chips in or scoop out onto your tostada
  1. $20 Quetzal's = $4 AUD
  1. 1 knife
  1. Use the avocado shell as a bowl
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